Fresh European Girolles



Girolles, also known as Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius), are one of the most popular mushrooms used by chefs. Their colour can range from cream to golden yellow, and they have earthy, apricot taste notes.


Girolles hold their shape very well when cooked. They can be used in various ways and in many recipes ranging from sauces and soups to pastas and risottos.


The tastiest, simplest and easiest way to cook Girolles, in our humble opinion, is “Girolles on toast”:


1- Start by cooking the Girolles in a shallow pan with a little water (No oil or butter at this stage – Yes…you read it right!).


2- The Girolles will release their own water too. When all the water is evaporated add your olive oil or butter, seasonings and your herbs (we prefer garlic and thyme)


3- In the meantime, fry some slices of toast in butter (so fat, sooooo goooood!! A guilty pleasure!).


4- Serve your chanterelles on the toast with a little parsley for visual impact and voila!!


Bon Appetit!!



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