About us

About Coeur Sauvage

Coeur Sauvage is driven by passion…

The passion for getting the right wild ingredient and the great food to the plate. It is about the passion of delivering a great service and developing superb communication. Ultimately Coeur Sauvage is about being humble and honoured to be a valued member of your team.
About Maxime (Founder of Coeur Sauvage):

Maxime… French by birth and Scottish by heart

I always had a deep affection for nature, but nothing predestined me to live and make a living out of my passion. Foraging as a profession is an unexpected happy result derived from a very traumatic life experience, which in the end was in fact one of the best events that shaped me.


This traumatic life experience was a cancer!! Yikes!! But well, it helped me (with the help of my wife’s push towards doing something I love) to redefine my life goals and to bring forward the values I believe in.
The foraging came by accident. I think that everybody thought I had gone mad… Imagine the face of my wife when I told her that “that’s it Darling. I am going to earn a living by picking mushrooms” 😂 😂 😂.


But it worked really well and not only have I found myself to be particularly at ease in the wild but also I have found out I am also particularly at ease in the kitchen of my chefs or on the phone with them.


I do not regard my chefs as customers but as friends. I am thrill and I am humble to know Coeur Sauvage has gained their trust and respect.


So far, we have done a fantastic job. I want more of that, I relish the thought of tomorrow and I am eager to continue on👍 👍 👍

About Sam (Course Leader of Coeur Sauvage)

Sam Worrall… Born in the city, made in the woods.

I was born in Central London, but I’ve always had nature in my heart. Growing up, I cherished my time at my parents’ allotment, and on countryside walks. An avid reader of fantasy novels, I moved to Glasgow to study Literature at Glasgow University. However, my interests pulled me in another direction.

I fell in love with Scottish hospitality. I left university to pursue a career in bartending and dived, head-first, into the world of gin. As the cultural gin revolution swept the country, I studied the stories of the new gin distilleries emerging from the woodwork and the botany behind their creations. I found romantic tales which appealed to my poetic side and discovered amazing botanicals I would have never previously considered. I also realised I had re-ignited my zeal for learning and teaching; I took great pride in leading gin tastings, passing on the history and culture surrounding this fascinating spirit. Being in Scotland, I also fell for whisky. The rich history and poetry surrounding the spirit was a natural draw for me.

Through semi-successful runs in mixology competitions, I practised using foraged botanicals in my drinks in an effort to improve the sustainability of my bartending practises; I sought to find alternatives to common ingredients which were frequently imported from the four corners of the world. I found myself, once again, pulled towards the folklore and fairytales surrounding the native herbs and spices I was using. My goal now is to share all the wondrous things I discover with bartenders, chefs, and frankly anybody who will listen!

We are giving our best to every chef and our foody friends. Being part of their successes is our reward.