Our Testimonials

Yes... Coeur Sauvage is all about passion. We said it so many times but maybe it is better for you to hear it direct from our customers.


In all our 26 years of Braidwood’s, Maxime’s mushrooms have always been the very best grade A standard every time! 100% service every time that has always met our highest expectations we demand when aiming to maintain the standard a Michelin star restaurant requires!

Well done Coeur Sauvage.

Keith and Nicola Braidwood, Braidwood’s restaurant

braidwoods michelin star restaurant


Maxime is one of Scotland’s true food heroes. He has been gathering Scotland’s natural larder and bringing it to our grateful chefs for a number of years.


Our guests both local and international have a wild taste of Scotland’s larder on every plate


Paul Charalambous, Owner


Maxime has been a key supplier and wealth of knowledge for me and the team at The Gannet.

We started working with Coeur Sauvage 3 – 4 years ago and within that time they have become one of our core suppliers, helping us create a unique palate of indigenous flavours.

Max brings with him an enthusiasm that is infectious, his passion for foraging and flavour is always at the fore.

Coeur Sauvage bring an originality and have always been keen to develop new ideas and products, growing with their client base.

The Gannet will be continuing on this journey with Max and his team and consider him to be an important part of the team.

Peter McKenna, Chef Patron


The best of Scotland’s Larder expertly foraged. This is true field to fork. Sourced with great attention to detail and respect for the land. Maxime brings a wealth of knowledge to our culinary landscape, preserving, nature’s bounty for generations to come.

Giovanna Eusebi, Owner


It is always a pleasure and inspirational to work alongside Maxime of Coeur Sauvage. His depth of knowledge and incredible produce are a delight to work with. His produce changes regularly, according to seasonality. His enthusiasm for his produce is infectious and this is carried directly from supplier, to kitchen, to dinner guest – thank you Maxime.

Jordan Webb, Head Chef


Maxime is a great supplier of seasonal Scottish produce and we have been working with him at The Kitchin for a long time. He always brings the best fresh produce straight to the restaurant back door and that means we can get it straight onto the menu which is what we are all about with our ‘From Nature to Plate’ philosophy.

Tom Kitchin, Chef Patron


When our local forager, who I had worked with for over a decade, chose to retire, finding a suitable replacement for him was a disappointing struggle – then we found Maxime. For the first time in years, we could instantly tell he understood the quality we demand at Michelin star level. He never fails to give us great produce and great guidance.

Geoffrey Smeddle, Chef Patron


Coeur Sauvage are a fantastic supplier showcasing the very best of what Scotland’s outdoors have to offer in terms of wild foods.

Maxime’s success comes from the relationship he forms with us chefs and customers. We are constantly on the phone with each other with maxime telling us what he can get on a certain week or if something is affected by the weather he will always go above and beyond to solve a problem.

This is exactly the type of supplier that I love to work with, someone who is as passionate and committed as I am about the produce and the end product.

Coeur Sauvage are one of a few trusted Scottish suppliers whom we really rely on at the Seafood Ristorante in order to allow to produce the food we do and without them our jobs would be a lot harder.

Jamie Mackinnon, Head Chef