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Restaurants, Wholesale and Retail

Coeur Sauvage Ltd; Trusted by the Chefs;. For years, we have dedicated our time and passion to serving the Scottish hospitality industry. We are ecstatic to support the brilliant minds who feed the people of this beautiful land.


Our drive comes from a genuine joy at watching the entire process of wild eating; from finding the sites and selecting the finest produce available there, to delivering to the chefs and seeing the ultimate pay-off: their creations.


We have worked tirelessly to build up a huge repertoire of sites across Scotland which can seem entirely inexhaustible at times. We do this to ease the burden of demand for our services and so that all our clients receive the finest produce.


We have clients across the UK; from Brighton to Ullapool, and cater to a whole wealth of different needs, from large multiple operators to small, independent bistros. We acknowledge the different requirements of all types of venue and strive to deliver the best service accordingly.


Our foraging team have established deliveries in-person to Glasgow and Edinburgh for a more personal touch and to facilitate sampling with the experts. Further afield, we aim to offer a next-day delivery using a trusted third-party courier.


Our produce list is sent out with a weekly newsletter. We constantly add and remove produce as the season dictates, so make sure you don’t miss it!


We are always thrilled to open new accounts with restaurants, bars, wholesalers and retailers! Please get in touch with your specific needs and we can take it from there.

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