Artisanal Sea Buckthorn Juice – 500ml


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100% Sea buckthorn Juice and No Additives

Foraging Sea buckthorn is our last major foraging exercise of the year. And let me tell you… It is not for the fainthearted!! The thorns of the Seabuckthorn are amongst the most lethal here in Scotland and foraging it is actually a very painful even for our most experienced foragers. This is a work of sweat, blood but also passion and dedication. Please have a thought for our foragers when you are using our seabuckthorn !!


Taste wise… If you never tried sea buckthorn juice before you will be surprised by how “tart” it is. This is not a bad thing though and to make it easier, we dilute it with a little water when we drink it for health purpose. As for your masterclass cheffing!!… Your sea buckthorn juice will become a fantastic ingredient with the addition of a little sugar or honey, perfect for your creams, your panna cottas and other sorbets. The colour it will confer to your desserts, drinks and other creations will be a majestic orange… An excellent talking point for you and your guests!!


Sea buckthorn is of course a super-healthy juice and super nutritious with wide ranging benefits. Our Sea buckthorn is cold pressed and gently pasteurised so that we preserve its benefits and its taste.


We love it and we designed it for you to love it too!!


Fun Fact: Some of our foraging sites for Sea Buckthorn are located where D-Day rehearsals took place. The damages to the sand dunes where so extensive that in order to stabilise them post training operations, it was decided to plant fast spreading/invasive shrubs such as Sea Buckthorn.



100% Sea buckthorn Juice,  no Additive

Note: This product was packed on premises that handles wild nuts, wild seeds, wild mustard, wild celery, crustaceans & molluscs (present in minute quantities in seaweed).


Storage Information

Store in the fridge once open and consume within 2 weeks.   





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