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Maitake/Hen of the Woods is one of the most thought of mushrooms on our foraging Calendar.

Whilst the main season for the wild Maitake/Hen of the woods in Scotland starts in September and finishes in November, what we are able to offer is cultivated Hen of the Wood, which is available all year long!

In the wild, it is an infrequent and fleeting find; it will return year-on-year to the same tree (mainly oak and sweet chestnut trees). This cultivated version provides similar flavour and nutritional benefits all year round.

In the gastronomical world, the cultivated Maitake/Hen of the Wood is a top favourite mushroom amongst our “pedigree” chefs.


Maitake/Hen of the woods has a unique, pleasantly-skunky aroma, a fantastic, umami flavour and an excellent, meaty texture. It shines in any dish which calls for mushrooms, and can be substituted in place of chicken or pork to make those dishes vegetarian. If roasted until crispy, the flavours are concentrated to become similar to marmite or crackling, which makes for an excellent crispy garnish for many dishes. Our personal favourite is chopped super-fine and added to a duxelles to really amp up the umami!


Fun Fact


“Maitake”, the Japanese name for this mushroom, means “Dancing mushroom”, because it can grow so large and is so delicious that finding one is considered a cause for dancing. We wholeheartedly agree!


Below is a picture of the very first wild Maitake/Hen of the Woods (35kg from a single tree) discovered by Maxime during his first year in his foraging Journey, certainly cause for dance!












Health Benefits

Hen of the woods has a long history of medicinal use in traditional Asian medicine and has been well-studied. For full nutrition and health information, see the following articles:



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