Fresh Sea Purslane



Sea Purslane (Halimione portulacoides) is a hardy halophyte, which hugs the ground in well-established saltmarshes. It thrives in salty clay and its tendrilous roots help to anchor the soil. We harvest the newest, most succulent growth, but leave plenty of this important plant to do its ecological duty.


Our Sea Purslane requires a good scrub! We have found that cleaning it before storing it leads to it decaying faster. It becomes much brighter and greener once washed, a real glow-up!


The stalk is fibrous and tough and not recommended for eating, but the leaves are easily stripped. The leaves are delicious raw: perfectly-salted and crunchy. It also makes for a pleasant herb in stews, adding a subtle maritime flavour. We like to incorporate it into Cullen skink, simply throw a couple of handfuls of the leaves in with the leeks.



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250g, 500g