Dried Reishi



Reishi mushrooms are a popular ingredient in Eastern culture, where they have a long history in alternative medicine. It is reported that they could have several health benefits, and are often eaten fresh or taken in powder form. 

Our reishi are supplied as dried pieces of a fruiting body, which can be ground into a fine powder and used as tea, coffee or other liquid remedies. They have a distinctive woody and bitter taste.





100% fruit body

Note: This product is packed on premises where wild nuts, wild seeds, wild mustard, wild celery, crustaceans & molluscs (present in minute quantities in seaweed) are handled.


Storage Information

Store in a resealable bag provided or an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Dry mushrooms can be stored for several years, however we recommend using them within 12 months from opening.






We recommend that you contact a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any products as supplements. Particularly, if you are pregnant, nursing, have existing medical conditions or on medication.


25g, 50g, 100g, 250g


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